Friday, 5 August 2011

8 colour swirl

Today I attempted my second in the mold swirl.  I have discovered a fragrance from Sweet Cakes called Cucumber Melon.  It slows down trace, so is perfect for multi swirl, so I decided to to try 8 colours.  It is a mix of pinks, purples and blues, with a little black and white.  The pics have come out a little darker than the soap, and as it has cured the purples and pinks have come out more:

My colours

The colours after pour

First swirled with a spoon

Then with a skewer
After cutting


  1. I love the look! Your swirls are amazing!

  2. Thanks guys, the colours have actually come out a bit more as it's cured. so I like it a bit more now :)

  3. Wow... that's cool how you create that effect. Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

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