How It All Began

Today I have pulled myself away from the soapmakng lab, to sit down and begin this blog. 
I guess the best place to start is at the beginning... so here is my story on how soaping all started for me :)

I had always loved handcrafted soaps and beauty products and I made the decision to learn how to make them myself.
From my first batch of soap on, I was absolutely 100% addicted, there has been no turning back, and each and every day I enjoy the satisfaction I get from being able to creatively express and share my creations.

I have big plans for KISS and my dream is to one day own my own little store.  For now though it is about perfecting my recipes, creating new product, becoming recognised and sharing my gift.

I hope all that read this will become inspired and enjoy following me on my journey as much as I am enjoying it so far :)

Selina x