Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I think for me the progression from handmade soap to handmade body products was only natural.  I love creating things, I love being able to use MY product, a product I designed, tested, tweaked and eventually loved.  I cant think of anything more satisfying.

But on reflection, I have begun to realise that it was actually the other way around.  I have been making my own face masks, conditioners, foot soaks and steam baths since I was at school.  I used to cut out recipes from Mum's mags.  Oatmeal, avocado and milk masks, egg and beer conditioners, I was forever tinkering. But alas a busy life took over and my creations took a back seat.

Now I have the freedom to experiment, research, develop and trial my creations.  I now have a better understanding of oil and additive properties.  I know how to use an emulsifier and what the benefits of this are, and I have learnt the importance of preservatives, and most of all I have learnt, that handmade products can be better than commercial products.  

I am doing what I love and I have rediscovered my passion ..... for me the word FREEDOM is significant.......

So on that note, here are some pics of my latest tinkerings.  Bath bombs combined with bath melts.  The ultimate in luxury - they are divine :)  I have used Shea and Cocoa Butter in these, and added an emulsifier so that the oils don't float on the top, but mix nicely with the water resulting in a luxury 'lotion' type bath.  I have named them 'Butter Bombs'......

Ginger Kiss butter bomb

Zest (lemon & lime) Butter Bomb

Hubba Hubba (Spicy Cranberry) Butter Bomb

Egyptian Musk Butter Bomb

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  1. Makes me want to dash off and run a bath!!!!! Oh an Egyptian Musk Butter Bomb would go down a treat......... <3 <3 <3