Thursday, 2 June 2011

A glass and a half of goodness :)

Cleopatra bathed in milk but that is soooo last century, this season its all about chocolate.............

I love trying new soap recipes, and to be honest I don't venture away from my regular recipe all that much.  But then I thought dang it!  I'm going to try something new.
I have been hunting for the perfect chocolate scent.  Its actually harder to come by than you might think.  There is nothing available in New Zealand that even resembles chocolate, and my regular Australian supplier doesn't stock any chocolate fragrances.
So you can imagine my delight when I was FINALLY able to source an awesome chocolate fragrance.  Again this one is imported, but from a new supplier who has a whole range of delicious scents.

My goal is to create the ULTIMATE chocolate bar (of soap).  I figure what better way to do this than to increase the cocoa butter, add some milk and add some dark chocolate.

Here's how I did it :)

There are 2 ways you can add goats milk to your recipe, I am going to do it the easy way.  To do this I am going to split the total liquid needed.  Part will be water to dissolve my lye, and the second will be goats milk added at trace.

First I prepare my recipe. 

This batch is going to have a whooping 30% cocoa butter. This will be added to my other oils and melted down.
Here is my minimum requirement of water added to my lye 
I have my other additions ready.  Goats milk, and Lindt chocolate.  I am premelting the chocolate.
Once my lye mixture and oils are at the correct temperatures I combine them.  I am going to stir this by hand as I want to give the mixture time to cool (so my goats milk doesn't overheat) and so I don't bring this batch to a heavy trace.  I want it just emulsified, because I know that when I add the chocolate and the milk things are going to set up pretty quick.
Here it is just emulsified, it took about 10mins of stirring to get it to this consistency.
Now I slowly add my milk, stirring the whole time.
As you can see, the mixture has thickened up, and has a lovely creamy appearance.
Now I add the melted chocolate (I have used about 20grams for a 1kg batch, any more and the soap will run brown when washing)
Yummo - I have to remind myself that this is soap!
Once combined I then add my fragrance oil, and pour.
I then get a spoon and dip it into some more melted chocolate, I am doing this to create delicious chocolate swirls.
All done!
And here it is cut, it looks and smells just like chocolate.  Now I just have to wait 4 weeks......


  1. Looks delicious! I bet it smells good enough to eat.

  2. That soap looks divine! I must make chocolate soap in the future ... so thanks for your photos and clear instructions!

  3. Thank you guys. Yes Karen you so should try it. I gave it a wirl in the shower last night its lovely :)