Friday, 13 May 2011

An In the Pot Swirl

There are several techniques that can be used to create beautiful looking soap.  Today I am attempting an In The Pot (ITP) swirl.  My fragrance is Lavender and Lemon.

Firstly I get my colours ready.   Today I am using Ultramarine blue, pink and violet along with some titanium dioxide to whiten.

I then add my already made soap mix.  I have a large portion that will be white and rest is split between the 3 ultramarine colours.
Now that I have mixed the coloured portions thoroughly, I am going to pour them into the white portion.  If I do this from a height the colour will sink through to the bottom.  First the pink.
Then the violet
And finally the blue.  Once all the colours are added, it will look something like this.
Now I am going to swirl the colour together.  I don't want to stir the mix too much or the colours will become one.  Just a couple of swirls should do it.
Once my soap looks like this, it is time to pour.
Here it is poured into the mold.
Now for the final touches, I use a spoon to create a textured top and add a sprinkling of lavender
And here it is the following day, freshly cut!

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